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I created Pacific Winds Wellness to help people just like you.


– Lauren Brandstadter

New York LIC: #006431-1




I have treated chronic and acute pain for Nearly 30 years, and my sessions are profoundly effective.

I draw from three decades of professional and personal experience, and from 18 different modalities which include medical, structural, Eastern, spiritual, western and Polynesian techniques. With reverence, I go beyond the “standard” spa session to provide real relief from pain and disharmony. The Polynesian techniques (Hawaiian and Rapa Nui) are the added benefit of a session with me. Bringing in the spiritual component, silent prayer and Ho’oponopono, and in conjunction with medical, structural and neuromuscular realignment, the body responds ten-fold by activating the healing processes within the client’s energetic body. The body realizes that it can find relief and heal efficiently.

All of these techniques are combined according to what your body is asking for.



The BEMER Device

Improve your wellbeing in minutes.

BEMER applications boost the blood flow, thus benefiting the body’s cardiac system, regenerative abilities and even mental acuity.

I am a trained BEMER practitioner and distributor.  It's an advanced, painless method used by over a million people worldwide who are interested in their health and longevity.

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Lauren's positive attitude re-enforces your resolve to live a healthy life.

"I am an old athlete with a high stress job.  I was introduced to Lauren more than two years ago to help me with management of my stress and joint pain.  Since then I have sessions with Lauren on a nearly monthly basis.  I have found her to be the best massage therapist I have ever worked with in over thirty years!  Lauren's experience and broad knowledge of technique and theory make her work incomparable.  An example: without mentioning any issues, within five minutes on the table Lauren has identified the "problem" areas and begins her work.  Besides her skill, Lauren's positive attitude re-enforces your resolve to live a healthy life."   – William R. Hansen


Lauren is the real deal. She gives 100%

"Lauren is the real deal. She gives 100% of herself when treating someone. Her expertise has been honed by years of practice and is ever expanded upon because of an incessant desire to be the best for her patients, her friends and herself.  She sensitively applies her wisdom in ways that open disrupted energy channels, restoring balance, reducing and/or eliminating pain and bringing mental ease. What a gift she has been in my life! I am grateful and can hardly wait for my next session."  ~ Conrad Szymkowicz


When she is working on you it’s as if she can see deep inside, combining her years of healing with a deep inner knowing.

"Lauren’s talents and knowledge combine to create a powerfully effective form of intuitive healing, where mind and body are balanced during one of her sessions.  She has an encyclopedic knowledge of oils and how to use them to facilitate her healing work and combines them with her ability to go deep into the core issues of the body.  Her years of experience have provided her with a large number of techniques which make her work highly personal.  When she is working on you it’s as if she can see deep inside, combining her years of healing with a deep inner knowing.  I highly recommend her as a master body-worker."   
~ Joseph Adler DC


...goes way beyond the limited structure of massage therapy to help bodies heal.

"I have known Lauren Brandstadter, personally and professionally, for well over thirty years. I have worked with her, alongside her, and been on her table as a patient/client too many times to count.  Lauren's ability to diagnose is thorough and her technique unlimited by traditional methods of massage therapy. She has developed her own style, and is unfettered by even the most delicate or grave of cases.  She has given me insight to lasting health and overall healing. Lauren is not a mainstream massage therapist. She is a comprehensive healing practitioner who goes way beyond the limited structure of massage therapy to help bodies heal. I believe in her work, her methods, her delivery, and her results. To date, I have never met such a capable and powerful massage therapist.  She is truly a healer who uses her hands, her heart, and her own energy reserves to help her clients."   ~ Dr. Kimberley Anne Ross

In Print

I am proud to be a part of "Essential Healing For Your Spirit and Soul"

"Essential Healing For Your Spirit And Soul" is a collaboration of 20 spiritual healers from all areas of healing practices. They provide wisdom and insight for those of you seeking what’s next; those of you struggling to find your purpose, balance or spirituality in your life; and those of you who may be called to the healing profession.

I hope you will be inspired by my chapter: “Discovering Mana: The 7 Essentials For Healing”.



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