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Our bodies are our temples. They have the ability to heal with appropriate action. Our intuition, combined with specific techniques, facilitate the healing that your own body has the ability to manifest.  We don't claim to "heal" you. Your body will heal itself. We provide the treatments to let your body reach its full potential.


Stress, pain and trauma all play a part in our daily wellness, all of which can be addressed by body work. Pacific Winds Wellness provides calming and rejuvenating treatments as refreshing as a Pacific Island breeze.


Trained by masters, the Polynesian techniques – along with traditional Eastern/Western methods and over 20 years experience – sets Pacific Winds Wellness apart from other traditional practitioners. All these modalities combined provide you with the highest level of healing possible.


Read our testimonials below, see our extensive list of services and contact us to see how we can help you.

"Lauren's massages are tremendous! It is not just her hands working on you, it's her whole being and spirit. God has given Lauren the ability to heal and remove pain as she massages your muscles into total relaxation. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of genuine relief from pain."   – Florence, NY

"Lauren is incredible!! My fiance and I have both had work done by her and can't wait to go back. She has extraordinary skills and a dead-on intuitive sense of exactly what your body needs. I whole-heartedly recommend!!" – Monica, NY

"Lauren Brandstadter is a true professional. She has helped not only myself, but other members of my family when traditional methods were ineffective. Her knowledge of her craft and her dedication to it, sets her apart from others in her field. Lauren brings to the table (pun intended), a personal perspective that massage is more than just a back rub. It is only one facet of Holistic healing and she incorporates her knowledge, her skill as well as her understanding of herbs and aroma therapy to create an experience that not only relaxes your aches and pains, but rejuvenates your soul. It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete, a wall streeter or a stay at home mom. When life makes you feel like your body is in one big knot, that’s when it's time to call her."   – James, NY



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