Lauren Brandstadter has been helping people with chronic and acute soft-tissue conditions for over 20 years.


With two decades of clinical experience and education in the healing arts, Lauren specializes in Polynesian and Eastern styles with roots in Western massage techniques. She is a highly skilled, certified, and licensed intuitive practitioner.


Lauren has a vast knowledge of the anatomical, physiological, spiritual and energetic constructs of the body which are expressed through her 25 years of practice. These skills provide the recipient with the highest level of healing possible.


Lauren provides all types of modalities for pain management, stress reduction,  relaxation, and self care programs.


Regular therapeutic massage and energetic balancing has resulted in long term wellness for hundreds of satisfied clients.


Schedule your personalized session to experience a stress-free, pain-free body.

New York LIC: #006431-1

Hawaii LIC: #6739

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